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Home for the Holidays!

This holiday season, SCHR is overjoyed to celebrate several of our clients’ homecomings. Welcome home Kevin George, Ricky Davis and Jabari Williams!

In 2008, Kevin George was sentenced to a mandatory 35-year sentence for possession with intent to distribute marijuana under Louisiana’s cruel multiple bill statute. Last month, on November 29th, he was resentenced to time served and released after surviving 13 years in prison. Here he is pictured with his mother, Valerie Scott, on the day he was released. Happy homecoming, Mr. George! 

Nov. 29, 2021: SCHR client Kevin George is reunited with his mother Valerie Scott.

Ricky Davis is no longer serving a life sentence for possession with intent to distribute cocaine, imposed in Fulton County in 1995. This month, on December 10, the DA’s office agreed that Mr. Davis should be resentenced to time served, and the Court resentenced him accordingly. Thanks to his amazing strength and resilience during his incarceration, and the support of his partner, Layvonne Colston (pictured with him here), he is home with his family in Atlanta for the holidays. Welcome home, Mr. Davis!

Dec. 10, 2021: SCHR client Ricky Davis embraces his partner Layvonne Colston.

On December 15, Jabari Williams was released from custody nearly a decade after he was unjustly sentenced to life without parole. Race permeated the trial- it was an interracial crime, and the State’s key witness testified that it was difficult for him to tell Black people apart. During jury selection, the State used all 12 peremptory strikes to exclude Black people from the jury. In June, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office conceded race discrimination occurred in jury selection. The trial court then vacated Mr. Williams’s conviction and sentence. Six months later, the State dropped the murder charge in exchange for a negotiated plea that ensured Mr. Williams’s immediate release. Welcome home for the holidays, Mr. Williams! 

Dec. 15, 2021: SCHR client Jabari Williams is pictured with his aunt Bobbie Williams and cousin Chandrika Williams.