Pillars of Justice

Justice does not just happen.
"I support SCHR because I believe the long arc of the moral universe we all hope for is not going to bend itself. It won’t wilt; it won’t melt towards justice. But it can be bent by the judicial blacksmithing SCHR applies. The need is ongoing, so my commitment is sustaining."
Craig Sweat
Pillars of Justice Society member
SCHR’s Pillars of Justice Society recognizes our friends who ensure that SCHR has the resources it needs to continue fighting for justice for as long as injustice exists.
Members of our Pillars of Justice Society sustain our work through recurring gifts that provide a consistent source of funding that SCHR can rely on to plan for current and future advocacy. This sustained support enables us to spend less time fundraising and more time doing the work so desperately needed.
How can sustained giving benefit you?
It's easy and automatic. You choose the dollar amount that fits within your budget. Set it, and forget it.
It's flexible and secure. You can increase, decrease, pause, or stop your donation at any time.
It's convenient and environmentally conscious. Unless you tell us otherwise, you will receive one consolidated tax receipt for your donations each year.
It's rewarding. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are aiding the cause of justice every day of the year.
Joining is simple.
Authorize regular, recurring charges on a credit or debit card. Choose the frequency when you sign up securely online.