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Mary Sidney K. Harbert
Operations Manager

Mary Sidney K. Harbert

Mary Sidney joined SCHR in 2002 and currently serves as the Operations Manager. Prior to becoming SCHR’s Operations Manager, Mary Sidney was an investigator for the Impact Litigation Unit. Her work has focused on reform of Georgia’s indigent defense system, prison and jail conditions cases, and the denial of adequate medical and mental health care to incarcerated people.  She led the investigation of 6 class-action cases on indigent defense, and she led the 10-year class action case to reduce the jail population and improve safety at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.

Mary Sidney has maintained an interest in the wellbeing of her colleagues as well as improving the work experience and reducing SCHR’s impact on the environment.  She brought recycling to the office and helped lead energy efficient renovations.  Her familiarity with the building and concern for colleagues made her a natural fit as Operations Manager.

Mary Sidney is involved in the Atlanta-Fulton County Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative, the Fulton County Justice Mental Health Task Force and serves on the Equity Advisory Committee for City Schools of Decatur, where she lives.