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“Returning Home” shares the story of former SCHR client Chris Williams and the challenges he faced after being released from prison.

A People’s Victory

On February 5, 2018, the Atlanta City Council unanimously passed a bail ordinance aimed at eliminating wealth-based detention at our city jail.

We Believe

We Press On

SCHR 40 Years, 40 Stories: Charlie Scandrett

Before signing the order, the judge declared, “while the sentence appears to be proper and legal, it is not right.”

SCHR 40 Years, 40 Stories: Scott Satterwhite

President of the William Josef Foundation speaks to why they support SCHR.

SCHR 40 Years, 40 Stories: Jimmie Horton

Jimmie Horton was freed from death row after a 32-year legal fight after evidence came to light that the prosecutor struck all African Americans in order to get the all-white jury that sentenced Jimmie to death. Jimmie shares his story and his experience with SCHR.

SCHR 40 Years, 40 Stories: Congressman John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis speaks to the importance of SCHR in the struggle for justice.

SCHR 40 Years, 40 Stories: SCHR Executive Director Sara Totonchi

SCHR Executive Director speaks about the remarkable 40-year history of the organization.

SCHR 40 Years, 40 Stories: 40th Anniversary!

For the last forty years, SCHR has dedicated itself to reimagining equal justice, resulting in numerous victories in the struggle to create a justice system that is fair, just, and humane.