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ACTION ALERT: Oppose HB 286 – Protecting Police Budgets, Compromising Community Safety

House Bill 286 is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Public Safety Committee Thursday, March 18 at 1 p.m. This bill prohibits city and county governments from reducing police budgets by more than 5% in a single year or over a rolling 10-year period, except in very limited circumstances. According to Rep. Houston Gaines, the sponsor of this bill, HB 286 is a direct attempt to block the movement to defund the police and identify effective alternatives to achieve community safety.

We are asking our supporters to call or email the Public Safety Committee and their own Senators to demand a NO VOTE on HB 286 because it protects police budgets at the expense of community safety.

Who to Call:

Public Safety Committee

ChairmanJohn Albers(404) 463-8055[email protected]  
Vice ChairmanTyler Harper(404) 463-5263[email protected]
SecretaryRandy Robertson(404) 463-3931[email protected]
MemberHarold Jones(404) 656-0036[email protected]  
MemberValencia Seay(404) 656-5095[email protected]
MemberKim Jackson(404) 656-6882[email protected]
MemberLee Anderson(404) 656-5114[email protected]
MemberCarden Summers(404) 463-5258[email protected]

What to Say:

“Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m calling to speak to [MEMBER’S NAME]. [If you live in this person’s district, say that you are a constituent.] I’m calling to ask that you please vote NO on House Bill 286. This unfunded and unprecedented mandate interferes with local budgeting authority that has historically been under local control. This bill does not prioritize public safety, despite what the sponsor has said. This bill will create unnecessary budget constraints during a global pandemic. If lawmakers wanted local government to spend money in a way that made communities safer, this bill would promote increased funding for mental health services, affordable housing, high quality education, and greater economic opportunities. Instead, this bill limits cities and counties from being able to reallocate funding to these vital services which are proven to make communities safer. HB 286 prioritizes funding for the police despite studies that show increased police presence does not make people feel safer or reduce crime. For these reasons, please vote NO on HB 286.”

Watch Live: You can watch the hearing by clicking this link today at 1pm.