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Civil Rights Groups Demand Atlanta City and Law Department Officials to Cease and Desist Publication of Signed Cop City Referendum Petitions with Unredacted Names

From LDF:

Today, The Legal Defense Fund, the Southern Center for Human Rights (“SCHR”), and the Center for Constitutional Rights (“CCR”) sent a letter demanding that Atlanta Municipal and Law Department officials to cease and desist the publication of signed referendum petitions with unredacted names, signatures, and other personal information on the Atlanta City Council website. The cease and desist letter was sent to Interim Municipal Clerk City of Atlanta A. Vanessa Waldon and the City of Atlanta Law Department. The City of Atlanta (the “City”) has subjected the signatories and circulators to potentially irreparable harm as publication of this sensitive information raises serious concerns of possible retaliation for the exercise of their First Amendment rights to express support for a referendum on the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, commonly referred to as “Cop City.” The publication of the unredacted, signed petitions is particularly egregious because such action conflicts with the clear directions of City Council expressed in both the Council’s initial resolution and subsequent letter.

You can read the letter below.