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SCHR Statement on Cop City RICO Indictment

We are aware of Fulton County Indictment 23SC189192, which relates to Stop Cop City protests.

The Attorney General has indicted more than 60 people, which means that the State has given formal notice of prosecution for alleged violations of law. We will be reaching out to attorneys already representing people named in the indictment while locating attorneys for those without counsel.

Our current priority is to ensure that those indicted are released on bond, especially given the horrendous culture at the Fulton County Jail, which has led to 9 deaths this year alone.

The case has been assigned to a Superior Court Judge, but we are unaware of details related to planned arrests or scheduled bond hearings. Attorneys already representing persons named in the indictment may choose to take on additional representation in a manner that complies with the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct. If you are an attorney currently representing protesters, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss representation. If you are a protester named in this indictment who has an attorney already, please contact them immediately.

We are urgently seeking licensed Georgia attorneys available to represent community members and fulfill our mission to protect the right to dissent. The Bridge will compensate retained attorneys.

If you are interested in joining The First Amendment Lawyer Bridge project at SCHR, please contact us at [email protected].