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Southern Center’s Kristen Samuels Presented with Advancing Real Change’s Emerging Leader Award

SCHR Senior Investigator Kristen Samuels was recently honored by Advancing Real Change, Inc. (ARC) with its Emerging Leader Award.

The Emerging Leader Award

Advancing Real Change, Inc.’s Emerging Leader Award recognizes and celebrates a mitigation professional in the early stages of their career. The honoree will be an individual who is laying the groundwork for excellence in their direct casework, and has the potential to move the field forward through dedication to high standards, commitment to continued professional development, and encouragement of other practitioners.

Advancing Real Change
Kristen Samuels

Kristen joined SCHR in 2014 as an investigator. From founding a successful, new training program at SCHR ensuring equitable opportunities for professional development across the office to the countless hours spent seeking essential records, history, and witness testimony to honor the humanity of our client’s, Kristen has made an indelible impact at SCHR.

As noted by ARC, Kristen is someone who is “a leader in the field and represents the future of mitigation work.”

She is known to be an effective and determined mitigation investigator, whether going out late in the day to meet with witnesses or seeking out essential records about her clients and their families. Kristen demonstrates humanity in her work, treating her clients and their communities with dignity, respect, and care and building trust that leads to better outcomes. She is a patient and persistent advocate for her clients with her defense teams, and dedicated to following the best practices of mitigation investigation in all her cases.

Advancing Real Change

SCHR is so proud of Kristen and invites you to join us in celebrating her tenacity, commitment, and dedication to the fight for equality, dignity, and justice. Way to go, Kristen!