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DOJ Seeks Transparency from the GA Dept. of Corrections

In September 2020, SCHR implored the United States Department of Justice to intervene as Georgia prisons descended into unprecedented violence, chaos and neglect. One year later, in September 2021, the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division announced a state-wide investigation into all Georgia Department of Corrections facilities. Now, GDC is obstructing the investigation, and the DOJ has asked a federal court to assist in obtaining the requested records.

“People are dying in the custody of the Georgia Department of Corrections. The DOC is failing to protect the people in its care. To stall, obstruct, and obfuscate the DOJ’s investigation into these failures – while people continue to die inside – is atrocious. Much of the information that is being withheld under the guise of ‘privacy’ is already publicly available to anyone who seeks it. Imagine the lives that could be saved, and the suffering that could be avoided, if the DOC put as much energy into protecting people in their custody as they put into withholding information.” -SCHR Executive Director Terrica Ganzy

Read the DOJ’s filings here: