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  • 3rd November 2008
    Health care claims latest woes in corrections calamity

    The allegations of poor medical care at Alabama's prisons for women make them sound more like concentration camps: Female inmates sometimes pull their own teeth, are denied cancer treatment, don't receive medicine for diabetes and psychiatric disorders, and live with untreated gynecological problems, according to new claims added to an ongoing federal lawsuit against the state.

  • 3rd November 2008
    State must deal with overburdened prison system

    It's understandable that Bob Riley would want to delay the adoption of any plan to ease overcrowding at the Tutwiler prison for women until after he takes office as governor next month. As his spokesman says, meeting the Dec. 30 court-imposed deadline would lock the incoming Riley administration to a plan hastily put together by the outgoing Siegelman administration.

  • 3rd November 2008
    No constitutional right is celebrated so much in the abstract and observed so little in reality as the right to counsel.
  • 3rd November 2008
    Day job off-site not enough for expenses and $705 fine.

    All Ora Lee Hurley has to do to get out of prison is pay a $705 fine, according to her attorney.

  • 16th September 2008